Sunday, February 8, 2009

When It's Time To Put Them Out To Pasture

You know that tuition break you never seem to get? This is a part of what is bothering me about today's yeshivas in today's economy. I know that I have a obligation to be mechanech my child. I also know that I am putting my child in the hands of a Yeshiva to do this for me, so as opposed to hand picking a 1:1 rav for my son, he gets a "one size fits all" according to the yeshiva we choose to send him to, as well as having to accept (if not practice) the yeshiva's hashkafos. I know these facts going in, and I have to deal with it. But with all of the competition, especially in this economic situation I have to ask if it's a business.
Now I can hear you snickering, of course, you say, it's a business. So why do so many of us who pay full price accept poor service? Crappy English teachers have become the norm, and we accept it because, hey, it's yeshiva! Would you accept a ripped shirt from a store you just paid full price for? Of course not, but we (I) have been conditioned that this is the way it is, so just deal with it.
Now, the worst part. You are at PTA, shul, or other function and you say your kid is going into whatever grade. A few parents pipe up and give you condolences, while others shake their heads in sorrow. Oh, you're having Rabbi -----berg. Good luck. He's been doing this for 25 years and has no patience left. Or sorry, your having Rabbi----stein. He gives piles of homework and doesn't care about the kids, only his program. Oy,Vey Rabbi ----man! He called my son an idiot. Yes, you get Rabbeim who can't control their mouths. I was listening to my friends tell some horror stories the other night, and their kids are in a different yeshiva. than mine. We all have the same problem though. If we pipe up, we're afraid of being kicked out. There are many schools that would easily get rid of "trouble makers" at the expense of the kids, and tell the other yeshivos not to accept you. I saw this happen this year to a friend. Even after all the years of tuition paid in full. If this was a real business, the yeshivos would be investigated by the department of consumer affairs, and money would have to be refunded, and the incompetent employee fired (or as what usually happens, they get a promotion)!!. When a rebbe becomes burned out, or just plain stinks, I think we should do them and our children a kindness and put them out to pasture. To do any less is a betrayal of our children and ourselves, and boy have we been betrayed.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here They Come!

Well, it's almost that time of year, when we will be inundated with tons of tzedakah letters for Purim & Pesach. I'm not saying that there are not families that need help, there is a definite need. My question is, will our rabbonim use the all mighty power of the "Kol Korie" to prevent price gouging from the manufacturers right down through the stores. I don't mind giving tzedakah. I do hate subsidizing people who exist to take advantage of every ones needs.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eat This!

So Mrs. LFD is wondering where the Jews got matzah from. No ,not the story you know, but what the first Jews in Mitzrayim who were commanded to eat the Korbon Pesach with matzah and marror ate. If they didn't leave yet, the story of the dough not rising and the jews having to eat matzah happened after the eating of the first Korbon Peasach, so where did the matzah come from? That's Mrs. LFD's question.
As for me, I want to know what how they checked their Romaine lettuce for bugs. Was BODEK available in Goshen? (yes I know they used horseraddish!)

Moshiach is Coming!

If this isn't a sign, I don't know what is: