Thursday, July 16, 2009

And Tonight is Ladies Night!

This post is dedicated (wow!) to my friends E & D who Mrs. LFD & I have had the pleasure of having them as guests at our house. E & D are sisters, one of whom I met one summer while she was doing a summer school stint for the NYCDOE. E is an occupational therapist. When I see another orthodox Jew at my school, I always invite them over for a Shabbos meal, and E told me her sister would come over with her the first time. A good friendship was established through cholent, chicken soup, and rotisserie chicken (yes they have come for evening & day meals).
Anyway, E & D are interesting, and well versed. If I was to be forced to categorize them, they would be a little left of center, which brings me to my next point (this is a rambling kind of post). I find that there are two kinds of Orthodox Jews when it comes to learning about Judaism. The first is the kind of person who learns from shall we say, the Artscroll versions of what frum Judaism is all about. These kind of people by their nature, (and I feel I’m one of them some of the time) will move to the right of center. The other kinds end up more like Lion of Zion, who is, in my opinion is extremely well versed, as well as demonstrates a better understanding of early and modern Jewish history. Most right wingers that I know don’t. Now me, I do like to question, and find out. There are some who read and learn and “tow the party line”. I hope that I’m enough of an individual that I can pendulum around left and right to see all points of view. Back to E & D. E told me that she’d had an interesting experience davening at a Ladies Minyan in Flatbush. That she went was kind of cool, in my opinion, although I have to admint it made me uncomfortable. Why? I’m not sure. I don’t know how I’d feel if Mrs. LFD went to a Ladies Minyan. Is it halachically acceptable? From what I have learned, it is. It just is not what I’m used to. Maybe that’s how a BT feels when they learn a new halachah. I don’t know. Last time E & D ate over, E told me she was going to go to the minyan again, and she would guest post. I don’t know if she did yet, but this reminded me:
Well E, if you went, you owe me a post! And when are you coming over again? Hope it’s soon! And you could always bring some Stella Doro cookies.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oy Gevald!

Say it "Aint" so! While perusing the Yesiva World News, I saw that Streimel cookies may soon be no more. The Stella Doro are my favorite cookie. For a while, they tried to go milchig, but then went back to the tried and true parve. Please excuse me for reading YWN, but it's a good source for important things... like Stella Doro cookies. Maybe Kitov or Mishpacha could come out with a pale "heimishe" imitation. On second thought, why ruin good memories.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

You Go Kid!

This Shabbos my brother was over for lunch along with some other friends of ours. My brother, like me has an aversion to veggies. I personally don't care what others eat, and Mrs. LFD & I try to have a number of greens on the table. My brother who likes to have his opinions heard stated aloud that the reason Karbanos are all animals is because meat is tastier than things that come from the ground. My son, who is always one step ahead pipes up and says:
"First of all, BIKURIM, second, the Korbon Mincha is wheat wich is grown and was bought every day!".
Smart kid!