Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Death To All Arabs! (Just Kidding?)

Hope the headline grabbed you. Look at what's going on in Europe:

European Jews Attacked in Response to Gaza Conflict

Caracas Venezuela ministry expels Israeli Ambassador over Gaza

Brussels - Assailants Try To Set Fire To The Doors of Synagogue

Denmark - School Admin. Ask Jews Not To Enroll In Their Secular Schools Amid Gaza Tension

Belgium - Antwerp Jews Receive Death Threats

These are not attacks on Israelis for Israeli policy, but Jews for being Jews! After each rocket attack, could you imagine if we attacked Arabs/Muslims? Of course not. Where is the world outrage? Oh, I forgot, we're just Jews...
The next time someone tells me to turn the other cheek, I'm going to smack it!


Off the Derech said...


Mikeinmidwood said...

i thought they just hated zionists.

DavenedByDeKoisel said...

I had a Muslim fellow tell me today that he is is disgusted with his so-called co-religionists !!!

Anonymous said...

You can also mention a synagogue in Toulouse where thugs sent an emty car that was ablaze.