Sunday, November 30, 2008

Obama Kugel

So it will soon be inauguration night and we will be installing a new President. If you are the chef and are trying to keep the inaugural dinner multi-cultural, especially with Rahm Immanuel there, I humbly suggest serving an Obama Kugel. Now you might wonder what an Obama Kugel is, and so do I. What would you put into an Obama Kugel? Would it be sweet or spicy? Raisins or not? I like the suggestion of a bread & challah kugel made with pumpernickel, cinnamon and sugar. Remember, it has to be unique. It's time for a change!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Daven. Daven

Baruch Dayan Emes
Hashem should have Rachmanus on all of us.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

She made me do it- A guest post by Mrs. LFD

Sorry Guys, This One is For the Ladies.

This is Mrs. LFD. I know that I always say I won’t blog. However, this time I will make an exception. And no LOZ, the Mr. still cannot have his own secret blog! And I am still not interested in my own blog either.

I am not known for making these fantastic shopping finds as I actually hate shopping (the title for best finds and saves goes to Mrs. Gilmore,) but I recently had such a great experience with a web based company no less that I had to share. The company is called They are on the west coast and they feature gowns for flower girls, pageant dresses and tuxedos for boys of all ages (sizes go up to boys 18!) The gowns are beautiful and at the moment they are having a sale and also are featuring x-mas (read Shabbat) dresses. The prices are also amazing.

Let me share my experience with them.

I needed lilac colored preferably matching dresses for my daughter and my niece because they were in a wedding party. The kallah sent us some pictures of dresses to give us an idea of what she liked. These pictures were from another website. That website did not instill confidence and my sister and I found bad ratings so the hunt was on. With about two weeks to the wedding we needed something fast. We came across this website after some time searching and found beautiful dresses. However, they did not have sleeves. My daughter is already of an age that I felt she could not go sleeveless. I called the company and asked if they could send some matching material so that I could make sleeves. Not only did they agree they also sent the material for FREE. When I called to confirm they thought that they had already sent my dresses (I ordered for both me and my sister) and no problem they would send it that day NO COST FOR SHIPPING. It turned out that when the dresses came the material was with the dresses already so I did not have to wait for a separate box. Now, I am not naïve and most good companies will accommodate their customers but it really was exceptional service... keep reading and you’ll see. This was in September.

I had been meaning to e-mail them a thank you with a picture so that they could see how nice it looked with sleeves (they do offer sweaters to go with the dresses but not in matching fabric.) I recently e-mailed them the thank you with a picture. In the e-mail, I also noted and that the pin-on flower belt got ruined (my daughter decided to go skating on her belly) and I asked if I could purchase another one. They e-mailed me back a You’re Welcome and that they would be sending the belt for FREE! But wait, that’s not all, I wrote back to say that I appreciated it and that I would be recommending their website. I got another e-mail from them saying “thank you for recommending us. No wonder we have been getting lots of sales recently. JOHN” How nice was that!!!! They were accommodating, you could get an actual response from a person and they have amazing!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It has the "Ring" of truth or Are your Ears Ringing

OK, so Mrs. LFD doesn't want me to write about this, but if I change the names to protect the innocent...
Anyway, most yeshivas these days are really hurting financially. The market has caused people who used to donate $100,000.00 to maybe $10,000.00. Even worse, those of us who are poor like me went from the $25.00 table at the Chinese auctions to the $10.00 tables. You get the idea, there is less all around. Just to keep in the Lakewood Falling Down spirit, I'll point out that Kollel life when you depend on others is going to take a big hit. No more free ride. Anyway, Mrs. LFD tells me of a couple she knows that interviewed their first child for a certain yeshiva. The first kid means you pay full tuition. No discounts, we need the money, so pay up. I have no problem with this, a yeshiva can't run on air. The interview went well, and everybody was happy. Until the yeshiva in question expressed the desire for the Mr. to consider removing his wedding band. What? This is now priority? I know that there are Mr.'s in this yeshiva who wear a ring. I am hoping this is a fluke. I was once reading a blog (please excuse me I can't remember who's, please comment if it was you so I can link) about a girl pointing out how it's unfair for the single girls at weddings when they "shop". A wedding ring is like a giant "not for sale" sign that makes it easier. That aside, I can understand if you interview for a Chassidish yeshiva, and they tell you sorry, you need to have long payos and dress the part. But for our mainstream yeshivos, especially the more middle of the road ones, don't alienate people. I wonder if these parents are still on the mailing list for donations. Come to think of it, they probably are. They wouldn't dream of taking Nekamah. Sort of a catch 22 don't you think?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

So you think you can "Jew"

This is a follow up post regarding the in gathering of exiles. Now, I won't pass judgment on anyone who claims to be a Jew. I was just thinking, who would be the funniest people to reclaim their lost "Jewhood"?

1. The cast of Gilligan's Island. Eventually they should qualify as a "lost tribe".
2. The Bloods- and not to be outdone,
3. The Cryps. They could fight what colors go on the tribal Degel
4. Just so I don't discriminate, I'll throw in the Latin Kings.
5. Chasidim.
6. YU guys.
7. Misnagdim.
8. Modern Orthodox.
9. Lubavitch
10. United Union of Professional Clowns (linked in case you don't believe this exsits)
11. Pig Farmers Union
13. Hatzolah of Flatbush- Hat Tip to Logic 613!
Truthfully, I don't know why people want to be a part of the Jews. It's a difficult path, and if your not an FFB, you can encounter more discrimination than Barak Obama at a KKK convention. Do non Jews really feel we are the chosen people and want in? Maybe some of them. I have two black "Israelites" in my school who believe Ashkenazic European Jews are totally fake, and not Jews at all. To them, I am a faker, and not just because I'm orthodox. They believe that they are the chosen. I also get weird comments at times, but maybe it's just me. Feel free to add to the list.

On another subject entirely, my spider phobia continues with this article that a spider is missing-in space!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mi Yehudi or Do "Goyim" know the difference

There were two items on vosizneias that caught my attention. The first was a story about the in gathering of Jews from galus. The story is basically how Israel has accepted some people believed to be the lost Tribe of Menashe. The full story can be read here. My main objection is to some of the more obnoxious comments, but I do like the fact that VIN doesn't edit people's thoughts. I guess I'm becoming more of a "Tzioni". I've been reading books like Dear Brothers, Eim Habonim Simaycha", and have come to the conclusion that we're in galus because
1. We want to be
2. Our Gedolim want us to be.
Of course, this is just my opinion. A certain Rov told me that his cousin did the english translation of Eim Habonim Simaycha, and he's now been ostracized and his fellow yeshiva crowd have branded him a Zionist. Crazy, if you even translate a book about the greatness of Israel, you are no longer one of them.

The other item was an article on It is a story about the Israeli Mafia, and a car bomb that killed the Kingpin of a crime family. You can read the whole story here. My question is, to the average "Goy" is there a difference bettween a Chasidishe Guy with long curly peyos, and an average non religious Israeli. Opinions anyone?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's been a busy week & Artscroll fun word

Well, it's been a busy week. Of course, right after I mention to Mrs. LFD how the kids have been overall healthy this year, my son got strep throat. I'm glad it was something that could be easily treated, but I needed to stay home with him for two days. For those of you that have a babysitter, you really never realize how much you need them until you run out of sick days. Mrs. LFD did a new watermelon for our niece's Bas Mitzvah, (I hate saying BAT mitzvah, I just don't like the way it sounds) and it came out great (see photo below). Check out the video clip!

Also, welcome to my good friend davenedbydekoisel !
May his blog have many hits!

For any of you out there who can tell me how to put hebrew letters into my blog, I'd appreciate it.

Artscroll word.
Now I used to love the show Thunder Cats, and I did have a Liono sword when I was a kid. That's why I cracked up when Artscroll translated the word "Hey Vav Yud" as Ho!
Kiddushin, 30 b2. Yes, I know it's from last week, but as I said in the beginning, it's been a busy week.
Have thesaurus, will travel!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A surprise Guest (Ma'ash Avos Siman L'Banim)

First, a shout out to Lion of Zion, Jacob Da Jew & Tr8ergirl who have linked to my blog. Thanks!
Usually we don't have guests Friday nights so we can go to sleep early, but someone asked if we could have a guest, & we never say no to a Shabbos guest. So we were up. Well on a short Friday night who should come knocking? Was it angels like our forefather Avrohom? Maybe, but what may be an angel, my family sees as our old downstairs neighbor Jacob Da Jew. My building was very unique when Jacob lived here, we had the perfect balance of personality types. My new neighbors are really nice, but hey, Jacob Da Jew is Jacob Da Jew. Being Jacob, I decided to have a L'chaim courtesy of Gillmour-who-lives-across-the-hall-who-had-rum-from-Mr. A-who-lives-downstairs-who had-left-some-in-Gillmours-fridge. You have to read it in one breath. My kids love Jacob, especially my daughter. We had a nice visit and a walk in the unusually warm November weather. The lord works in mysterious ways.

The Lion of Zion

Here's to a favorite post by Lion of Zion! Just don't give me the "raspberry".

Cut it out (off )

Today's daf deals with how we know that women are exempt from time bound mitzvos that are positive commandments (T'ffilin, sitting in the Sukkah). The Gemarah goes through many proofs and digresses to the prohibition of shaving, and weather women are allowed to shave their beards. Yes, I said shave their beards. Apparently, the shidduch crisis wasn't as bad as it is now!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Are you sick of the daily grind (or Moshiach is coming soon)

So it's Thursday night chaos as usual, and we're trying to make Shabbos, clean the house, do HW with the kids, and of course blog. Mrs. LFD says to me for the millionth time "I wish Moshiach were here". Less stress you see, along with a genuine desire for Moshiach. My Rov and neighbors have told me some very interesting stories about Moshiach being here in 2009. Here is a LINK to The Cool Jew that I found (I have no idea who he/she is I was just surfing for Moshiach 2009 on Google). What do you think? And of course, Moshiach will decide the shaitle question!

BTW, recommended reading:
Dear Brothers
What Did They Think of the Jews? by Alan Gould
Shadal by Daniel Klein

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

You Bad Hot Chanie!

While reading Rav Elyashiv's comments about sheitels on YWN, I felt annoyed. Lion of Zion pointed out to me the following:
"hakham ovadia yosef has already assured all sheitlach. period. it seems some ashkenazim now are just catching up to this (wouldn't want the sephardim to seem frumer.) on the other hand, iirc the lubavatcher rebbe said sheitlach are preferred, because a woman is likely to take it off than a hat. gluckel of hameln (17th c. ashkenaz) writes in her memoirs that she was impressed with the frumkeit of the men when she moved to metz because they didn't wear wigs (or something like that, it's been a while since i read her book)"
Comments anyone?