Monday, December 28, 2009

Stealing an Idea

For those of you who don't know, I'm a little bit of a science fiction nerd, and I am a "Trekkie". No, I don't go to conventions, but I do follow some authors (like Peter David) because I like science fiction, and the way they write. I think it goes back to when I was I kid, but I digress. One of the things I always liked about Next Generation was the Holodeck. Now I'll digress. When I was a kid, my FAVORITE cartoon was a series called Starblazers. It was really cool. I always wanted to point out that they had the idea for a Holodeck first, and animated it.
Pre Holodeck-Holodeck So much for an original idea!

My March With the Penguins

This past weekend, I got to go home and spend Shabbos with my parents. It was a bit unusual as experiences go because the Shul my parents daven in has become so old, that it no longer has a Minyan on Friday night or Shabbos afternoons. This was my first shabbos home since the Friday night minyan was declared gone. The only way they get a minyan at all on Shabbos day is by the Yeshiva that is a few blocks away sending some bochurim to make the minyan and lein. It's tough for my father because the walking has become difficult, and the Yeshiva is just to far to go, especially in inclement weather. So I went to daven Friday night at the yeshiva. I've been out of yeshiva for quite some time now, and I forgot about a few things. First, there is a break to learn between Kabbalas Shabbos and Maariv. But the cool "Penguiny" thing I forgot is watching the Rabbeim walk in. I sat in the back right, and the entrance to the Beis Hamedresh is in the front left. Whenever a Rebby would walk in you got a cool "Penguin Wave" of everyone standing up, and then sitting down. It was cool the first time, by by Rabbi #4 I was cracking up. I really like to watch the pipsqueak freshmen who standing up or sitting down has little effect on their height. I personally always stand the entire davening so I didn't pop up and down with the 400+ penguins in the yeshiva. To the yeshiva's credit, each bochur was polite and asked if I needed anything, like a siddur or some seforim during the break. It's nice to see that all penguins aren't so cold.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cultural Norms

I haven’t posted in a while, but I had a sobering conversation today. I am a special education teacher. I work in an environment almost completely surrounded by blacks, and I keep my yarmulke on. I have a girl who substitutes in my class from time to time. She’s very nice. She’s from Guyana. She was telling me about the house her family owns in Guyana, and that her whole family is here in he states. I asked what her family does with a house there, and she said it’s a two family house. They rent out the bottom floor, and use the top for family who visits, or sometimes rent out the top to tourists. I jokingly said I’d love to go to Guyana for a visit, and she says, “No, you’re a rich Jew. You’d be beaten and robbed in two minutes flat”. I was a bit taken back, and asked if she thought I was a rich Jew. She said, “of course you are, all Jews are rich”. She then asked why I think Jews are hated. Mind you, she is not a mean angry lady, just a young 20 something person. I countered with asking if there was a problem with the expectation of being robbed as a cultural norm, and she said, and I quote, “you are rich, and Guyana people are poor. Of course you should be robbed”.
I thought about this and responded, you know, if you went to the poorest Jewish part of Israel, you may be beaten on if you dress immodestly. But you’d still wake up with your wallet. It seemed to give her pause for thought. But maybe not.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Just a friendly tip from Mrs. Gilmour, if you use a credit card at Amazing Savings, the receipt that goes to the store has your complete credit card number. I still use a credit card there, I just ask for the receipt and cross out my number. Be careful!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wow it's Early

Never one to shirk my duties, I was at shul at 12:50 this past Motzei Shabbos as you probably were. I listen to the announcment that Daf is 5:30 the rest of the week, and on Friday it will be 5:00. How can I do teshuvah while being tired and irratable?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Elul, Girls, Vacation & Zodiac

OK where to start... This past week, we went on vacation. To some this means Florida, Virginia, or who knows what else. My family goes to upstate NY. Our first stop was to visit some family in Woodridge, NY. We had a great time, and I enjoyed the shul a lot. Not so much because of the spectacular davening, but the really beautiful murals of the Jewish Zodiac they have painted across the top of the shul. You don't find to many murals downstate in "frummy" shuls (of which I am a member). We then went on to spend a great week with some family in Rochester. My kids love it there because they can play outside and with other kids on the block w/0 having to worry to much about cars, abductions, and other things you find more of in Brooklyn (the worst being Brooklyn land mines left by people who don't clean up after their dogs). The Shul I davened in in the mornings has always been a nice building, having originally been a church. The shul is even called St. Regis at times, being located on N St. Regis Drive. What I always liked was the chandeliers. They also have the Zodiac images on them. I was curious how these things relate to not making an image, because if I wasn't Jewish, it would be a curious thing to see murials and images of Virgins, Centaurs, and other things you don't find in a typical Brooklyn shul. How interesting that Elul is the Virgin and this ARTICLE about not wearing make-up appears. Make your own damned inferences! anyway, here is a LINK I found from Ohr Somayach about the Zodiac. Hat tip to Lion of Zion for sharing my feelings of wedding make up!

It's Been A While, and We're still Here

It's been some time since I got a chance to post, time being the major obstacle.

So once again, it's September and Elul. I can't believe the summer is gone...

Well, didn't YOU think the geulah was coming? I know Mrs. LFD was looking down the street by Birchas HaChamah expecting Moshiach to come at any second (isn't he supposed to be riding a donkey or is that another JUB Jewish Urban Myth). Personally, I was always curious to ask someone in their late 80-90's about maintaining bitachon and seeing wild world changing events so frequently this past 100 years. Let's hope for a good year!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

And Tonight is Ladies Night!

This post is dedicated (wow!) to my friends E & D who Mrs. LFD & I have had the pleasure of having them as guests at our house. E & D are sisters, one of whom I met one summer while she was doing a summer school stint for the NYCDOE. E is an occupational therapist. When I see another orthodox Jew at my school, I always invite them over for a Shabbos meal, and E told me her sister would come over with her the first time. A good friendship was established through cholent, chicken soup, and rotisserie chicken (yes they have come for evening & day meals).
Anyway, E & D are interesting, and well versed. If I was to be forced to categorize them, they would be a little left of center, which brings me to my next point (this is a rambling kind of post). I find that there are two kinds of Orthodox Jews when it comes to learning about Judaism. The first is the kind of person who learns from shall we say, the Artscroll versions of what frum Judaism is all about. These kind of people by their nature, (and I feel I’m one of them some of the time) will move to the right of center. The other kinds end up more like Lion of Zion, who is, in my opinion is extremely well versed, as well as demonstrates a better understanding of early and modern Jewish history. Most right wingers that I know don’t. Now me, I do like to question, and find out. There are some who read and learn and “tow the party line”. I hope that I’m enough of an individual that I can pendulum around left and right to see all points of view. Back to E & D. E told me that she’d had an interesting experience davening at a Ladies Minyan in Flatbush. That she went was kind of cool, in my opinion, although I have to admint it made me uncomfortable. Why? I’m not sure. I don’t know how I’d feel if Mrs. LFD went to a Ladies Minyan. Is it halachically acceptable? From what I have learned, it is. It just is not what I’m used to. Maybe that’s how a BT feels when they learn a new halachah. I don’t know. Last time E & D ate over, E told me she was going to go to the minyan again, and she would guest post. I don’t know if she did yet, but this reminded me:
Well E, if you went, you owe me a post! And when are you coming over again? Hope it’s soon! And you could always bring some Stella Doro cookies.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oy Gevald!

Say it "Aint" so! While perusing the Yesiva World News, I saw that Streimel cookies may soon be no more. The Stella Doro are my favorite cookie. For a while, they tried to go milchig, but then went back to the tried and true parve. Please excuse me for reading YWN, but it's a good source for important things... like Stella Doro cookies. Maybe Kitov or Mishpacha could come out with a pale "heimishe" imitation. On second thought, why ruin good memories.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

You Go Kid!

This Shabbos my brother was over for lunch along with some other friends of ours. My brother, like me has an aversion to veggies. I personally don't care what others eat, and Mrs. LFD & I try to have a number of greens on the table. My brother who likes to have his opinions heard stated aloud that the reason Karbanos are all animals is because meat is tastier than things that come from the ground. My son, who is always one step ahead pipes up and says:
"First of all, BIKURIM, second, the Korbon Mincha is wheat wich is grown and was bought every day!".
Smart kid!

Monday, June 29, 2009

So it's summer

I ran into Jacob Da Jew today who gave me a reprimand for being so conspicuously absent. I have been doing some work for an online company and it's taken much of my time. Sorry.
Some points I've been meaning to write about:
1. Mrs. LakewoodFallingDown and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary!
2. Two weeks ago's Daf talks about having a Sela coin that gets rubbed out. The Gemorah tells us an appropriate way to get damaged coinage off of the market is to make a hole in it an give to to your son or daughter to wear. So jewelry for men (and boys) was promoted. It made me feel good, because I am the only one in m Shul that wears a ring.
3. I had the foresight to buy sand toys for a beach wedding we attended, and my kids, nieces and nephews had a blast digging by the Chuppah.
4. I love when everyone empties out to the mountains. I can find parking in Brooklyn.
5. I did Monster Island for this years cultural fair in public school. Give things a latitude and longitude, add some pictures, and anything can be believed (the native food was Soylent Green).
6. Our tuition bill for next year included an $800.00 "family assessment" fee. What the heck does that mean?!
7. I discovered that Treppinwitz and I both love root beer.
8. We painted our apartment, and made our bathroom dark blue (looks good)!
9. Paperwork stinks.
10. I don't have a facebook or twitter account. Someone set up a facebook account with my name, but it does not lik to me nor does it exsist anywhere I can find.
More updates when I have time!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

This Land Is My Land

What is going on with Obama? A two state solution? To anyone who reads this, please explain why a Palestinian state is needed.
Israel is a democracy. You can be a Christan, Muslim, a Sikh or whatever in a democracy, as long as:
A: You don't kill anyone.
B: You don't hurt anyone.
So tell me, in what reality would a Palestinian state be a solution to anything? BTW, since this insanity may be pushed through, Obama, could you get some massive cash pledges from some Arab countries to support them? Oh, wait I forgot. The Arab world doesn't like Palestinians. They hate JEWS.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jews, not Israelis

Where exactly are the Gedolei Torah when the world is turning against us? Where are we and what are we doing to address this crisis?- Oh, we're packing out to the Catskills...
Obama's nasty ban on natural growth is akin to some of what History's worst Rashaim wanted to do. I took this from a Fox news feed: (for the complete article click HERE).

-Obama told NPR that the he still believes the United States has a "special relationship" with Israel, but that the "status quo is unsustainable" and that movement toward a Palestinian state is critical to Israeli security.
"The current trajectory in the region is profoundly negative," Obama said. "Not only for Israeli interests but also U.S. interests."
Some analysts see potential progress in Obama's demands, since it could prompt Arab nations to work more earnestly toward peace with Israel.
Nathan Brown, a political scientist at George Washington University, said Obama's demand that Israel freeze settlements will make Arab leaders pay close attention to his speech this week.
"His predecessor, who did talk two-state solution, was not taken seriously because there was no change on the ground," he said, explaining that Muslims want to see something concrete go along with the platitudes.
Israeli politician Haim Oron told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday that Obama's stance is "correct" and in Israel's best interest. He dismissed the concerns of what he called the "Israeli Right."

Note that MUSLIMS want to see something, not "Arab States"- again Obama is not only pro Muslim, but anti Jew. Am I saying he is an outright anti-Semite? No, he's worse. He tries to hide it in diplomacy.
Obama, stop worrying about the natural growth of Jews, and maybe do something normal. I know if a country illegally started pointing nukes my way(Thanks N Korea!), it may strike me as more urgent as mollifying terrorists who teach hate. Unless you agree with them...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Important Links

Being a Jew in Galus is difficult. Waiting for Moshiach is difficult.
Here are some interesting links:
Hat Tip: Treppinwitz & The Muquata


How to treat others

Monday, June 1, 2009

Out of the Loop

Wow. It's been a while since I got to blog. Some important catch ups for those who want to know:

1. Most important, Mrs. LFD got a "Ocean" colors dress for a beach wedding that fits well and looks great on her (see picture).

2. Mrs. LFD finally got a sheitel she really likes (translated- spent some serious $$ on it) yes, I like it too. Sorry, it's not the one in the picture.

3. I had a conversation with Little LFD's Rebbe about not giving extra review as a punishment. Torah should never be used as a punishment because it will sour the kids taste for learning. He only marginally agreed, but hasn’t done it since.

4. I had no DAIRY cheesecake on Shavuos, only a Tofuti one made by Mrs. LFD. The lasagna made up for it, although I really don't like milchigs.

5. My computer died, and I was "forced" into upgrading to Vista (yuck!) Now some of my important 32 bit programs don't work properly anymore.

6. I had the pleasure of being at Lion of Zion's brother's wedding. It was nice, and I got to see Lion, Mrs. Lion & Jr. having a great time (he can tell details if he wishes, I asked if I could tell I was there).

7. Obama took over the banks and GM. Next stop-Israel (See The Muqata).

8. Got seriously and repeatedly flashed by a bunch of rowdy Puerto Rican teen age girls while walking down my block erev yom tov.
9. Did my science fair “going green” project on burping. We used the Alfred E. Neuwman song “It’s a Gas” as our back drop.
10. My daughter’s front teeth have both come out. I think she looks cute!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Your Grandparents Too?

I was at Mrs. LFD's parents for the first days. Her Grandfather lives down the hall from her parents. Every time we go, he offers us a calendar and/or a deck of playing cards. So did my uncles and aunts whenever we came to visit. What about you?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boring Stories

O.K. for those of you who don't know me, to keep my kids entertained, I tell them what I call "boring stories from when I was growing up". So if you want to hear a boring story, read on, but keep in mind, I've warned you. Here is a story I've told, just as I do for my kids (I feel like Arnold Fine):
My parents have a nice 3 bedroom house. They have a basement and an attic. The basement is where my parents have the "chametz room". Every year, my dad would start getting ready for pesach by driving to the local Pathmark, and we would collect boxes to put our chametz in. Why we had to pack up every cabinet, and every pot and pan to shlep to the basement was beyond me, but I was little, so I didn't ask. This packing was exceptionally strenuous because my mother wanted to throw out old items (see Lion of Zion) while my dad wanted to keep things. It was also difficult because my dad wanted us to put tons of packing tape on each box so they wouldn't fall apart. We also had to make balls of newspaper to put in the boxes with stuff so nothing, like half eaten boxes of cheerios, would get bruised. The chametz room was an old darkroom that the photographer my parents had bought the house from had sealed off. One door, a lock, no windows. This is where we put everything. Being one of 5 brothers (I have 2 sisters as well) we would make an assembly line to gently pass the boxes from the kitchen to the landing on the basement stairs, and gently pass the boxes one by one until they could be neatly stacked from heaviest to lightest. Well, I'm proud to say we didn't let our father down as boys. I don't think any box ever got to the bottom of the basement steps without being kicked, pushed, stomped on, or otherwise tossed down the steps. I guess that's why my dad had us tape up the boxes so well. I can still hear my dad yelling at us not to throw the boxes down the steps. Not that it helped, but we did apologize each time. After we got everything (yes everything) to the basement we went to the attic to take the "pesach stuff" down from the attic. If you think tossing stuff down a flight of steps to the basement sounds fun, the real joy would start when we would open the drop down wood steps from the attic, and drop stuff to the second floor, and topple it down the steps to the first floor. Truth be told, looking back, it's a real miracle no one was ever smushed. It's also a miracle my dad would have a voice left after so much yelling and screaming at us. (And the occasional smack on the bottom). As we got the boxes of pots, pans, haggadas, and other stuff, my mother would ask us not to open everything at the same time. She needed time to open and put away one box at a time. Fat chance! My younger brother were always on the hunt for who would be the first to find the "pesachdig eggbeater". This was a great toy. It could be a helicopter, a boat engine, a propeller, well, you get the idea. This became a serious contest to get the eggbeater because you could annoy my parents by opening boxes out of sequence (not that there was any sequence, we never labeled the boxes) but we couldbeat each other up at the same time! The eggbeater looks just like the one in the picture and it's one thing I haven't got for my kids yet. Also, as I got older, I became fascinated as to what the newspaper stories were from a year ago (we used newspaper packing up too). Life does have lots of boring stories!
For more Pesach, see G6...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Everyone has One or Your Pesach or Mine?

This post is dedicated to Achdus. Maybe it's the books on Israel I've been reading, or the impending Birchas Hachamah, but what else but Yom Tovim really bring us together? Until... OK, you get married and your are sitting at the begining of the Seder. Now, it's not like Sukkos where you are outdoing someone else with your Lulav & Esrog. On Pesach every family has it's own mishagas. Here at the Seder all bets are off. Minhagim abound, and someones toes are going to get stepped on. How can you compromise? Obviously, your family minhagim go back many generations, (likely to Mt. Sinai) and it would be against G-d himself to change or abandon your sacred traditions. Let's face it, some of you would rather have bamboo shoved under your fingernails than eat Gebrochts. Well good luck to you. I am all about adopting and incorporating. For me, I always only had one issue with Mrs. LFD's Pesach family minhagim, and that is in her house, the parents hid the Afikomen, and in my house, the kids did. The compromise? Two seders, one minhag on each night. Each of us has a rational, but as I have other minhagim her family has adopted, I've become more tolerant, and hence have attained a greater degree of Achdus. The minhagim I do at my inlaws that are tolerated:
1. Having my own Seder plate rather than a communal one at the table.
2. Singing Kadesh Urchatz in the to the tune of Manamana.
3. Glaring at whever reads the "wicked son" as if they are evil incarnate.
4. Eating a potato for Karpas (they use celery, I sneak in a boiled potato. Mrs. LFD doesn't know this, but she will now).
5. Telling boring stories about my father having a "kosher for pesach" garbage can and vacuum cleaner.
6. My personal favorite- singin Adir Hu as the Mr. Potato Head song:
Adir Hu, you know it's true,
Mr. Potato Head I made you.
Eyes & ears & a button nose too,
Mr. Potato head I made you-
Kel Benai, Kel Benai, Beyamaynu Bikarov
Kel Benai, Kel Benai, Mr. Potato Head I love you!

Having a Mr. Potato Head as part of my in-laws seder, and knowing that it has spread to my sister in laws family gives me that warm Achdusy feeling. Ah, minhagim, would we be in Galus without them?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lost in Translation

Apparently, Artscroll is now worthy of it's own study. VIN posts this article about a study on how Artscroll has influenced the "frum" world. I have to agree with one of the comments that most of their translations are source based, even if you don't agree with them. They do not do well with accurately portraying Gedolim. The book "My Uncle the Netziv" is a great example, as does the omission of Rav Kook from most of their references. On the whole, I don't hate them, hating anything other than microwaved broccoli is stupid. But they do walk the walk, and that is why Lakewood continues Falling Down.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Artscroll word of the week (OK, last week)

Spurious- Encarta: different from what it is claimed to be, not authentic, or not valid or well-founded

The translators are warning us not to fall into a spurious trap.

Stone Chumash Page 513 note 26

Also, this weeks Gemarah talks about the offspring between a goat and a sheep. R’Scroll uses the term hybrid vs. what I would term a crossbreed.

Hybrid- Encarta: zoology an animal that results from the mating of parents from two distinct species or subspecies.

Crossbreed – Encarta: an animal or plant produced by crossbreeding.

To each their own. Last, an unusual looking animal that can’t be used a Korbon according to R’ Scroll is a Mutant. Wolverine, apparently is unfit for the Mizbayach!

Monday, March 16, 2009

"Clothes Make The Woman" or "Can I See That Again?"

This post is inspired by SuperRaisy!

Here is part of the story. Mrs. LFD made a shidduch between a very close friend and a girl we heard about through a friend of Mrs. LFD. They are very individualistic and wanted to have the wedding on a beach. OK, the finding of a place that had a beach in the time frame that was needed took some time. But now, Mrs. LFD is on the quest of a lifetime: To find the perfect gown to wear to a beach wedding that will make her happy. Now good for me, Mrs. LFD doesn’t love shopping, but thanks to the wonders of high speed internet, I get the “can you look at this and tell me if you like it?” over and over again. Now to me, Mr. Shiny Pants, what you wear as long as it’s nice it's fine with me. But with women, it’s a lot more serious. Mrs. LFD found a nice gown in our price range online at Chadwicks. I finally thought my days of looking at women’s catalogs online were over. No. No, of course, the zipper was not sewn in properly so the quest goes on. And lucky for me online companies selling dresses update frequently, so I’m often looking at the same things and being asked, “Was that here yesterday?”, or seeing if an item has gone on or off sale. I truly sympathize with you guys who get shlepped along, and I hope Mrs. LFD finds whatever she’s looking for soon, and suggestions are always appriciated. Whatever it is, I know people will be looking at her instead of the Kallah. At least I will be…

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Harry Potter Anyone? or Kill The Beast!

In this week's Parshas Zachor haforah, we learn about Shaul being given instructions to kill out all of Amalek, even the oxen and sheep. On that Passuk, Rashi seems to be saying that the Amalekim had the ability to be Animagi, or actually use magic to turn themselves into animals to hide, hence the need to kill the animals to complete the mitzvah. Huh, and I though Harry Potter was just a fun fantasy book...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Triangle Man

Well, it's the classic and only shape on a hamentash, the triangle. Does anyone know the source for Haman having worn a triangle hat? And was his theme song Triangle Man? (yeah I know it's really particle man).

Sunday, February 8, 2009

When It's Time To Put Them Out To Pasture

You know that tuition break you never seem to get? This is a part of what is bothering me about today's yeshivas in today's economy. I know that I have a obligation to be mechanech my child. I also know that I am putting my child in the hands of a Yeshiva to do this for me, so as opposed to hand picking a 1:1 rav for my son, he gets a "one size fits all" according to the yeshiva we choose to send him to, as well as having to accept (if not practice) the yeshiva's hashkafos. I know these facts going in, and I have to deal with it. But with all of the competition, especially in this economic situation I have to ask if it's a business.
Now I can hear you snickering, of course, you say, it's a business. So why do so many of us who pay full price accept poor service? Crappy English teachers have become the norm, and we accept it because, hey, it's yeshiva! Would you accept a ripped shirt from a store you just paid full price for? Of course not, but we (I) have been conditioned that this is the way it is, so just deal with it.
Now, the worst part. You are at PTA, shul, or other function and you say your kid is going into whatever grade. A few parents pipe up and give you condolences, while others shake their heads in sorrow. Oh, you're having Rabbi -----berg. Good luck. He's been doing this for 25 years and has no patience left. Or sorry, your having Rabbi----stein. He gives piles of homework and doesn't care about the kids, only his program. Oy,Vey Rabbi ----man! He called my son an idiot. Yes, you get Rabbeim who can't control their mouths. I was listening to my friends tell some horror stories the other night, and their kids are in a different yeshiva. than mine. We all have the same problem though. If we pipe up, we're afraid of being kicked out. There are many schools that would easily get rid of "trouble makers" at the expense of the kids, and tell the other yeshivos not to accept you. I saw this happen this year to a friend. Even after all the years of tuition paid in full. If this was a real business, the yeshivos would be investigated by the department of consumer affairs, and money would have to be refunded, and the incompetent employee fired (or as what usually happens, they get a promotion)!!. When a rebbe becomes burned out, or just plain stinks, I think we should do them and our children a kindness and put them out to pasture. To do any less is a betrayal of our children and ourselves, and boy have we been betrayed.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here They Come!

Well, it's almost that time of year, when we will be inundated with tons of tzedakah letters for Purim & Pesach. I'm not saying that there are not families that need help, there is a definite need. My question is, will our rabbonim use the all mighty power of the "Kol Korie" to prevent price gouging from the manufacturers right down through the stores. I don't mind giving tzedakah. I do hate subsidizing people who exist to take advantage of every ones needs.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eat This!

So Mrs. LFD is wondering where the Jews got matzah from. No ,not the story you know, but what the first Jews in Mitzrayim who were commanded to eat the Korbon Pesach with matzah and marror ate. If they didn't leave yet, the story of the dough not rising and the jews having to eat matzah happened after the eating of the first Korbon Peasach, so where did the matzah come from? That's Mrs. LFD's question.
As for me, I want to know what how they checked their Romaine lettuce for bugs. Was BODEK available in Goshen? (yes I know they used horseraddish!)

Moshiach is Coming!

If this isn't a sign, I don't know what is:

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hold The Sunglasses, Please!

Many years ago, Mrs. LFD's brother got married, and I was told I needed a black suit for the wedding. No problem, and to Davenedbydekoisel no comments, please (happy birthday BTW)! Anyway, I was wearing said suit this week, and I was informed by Mrs. LFD that I was suffering from that malady of old age, "Shiny Butt". You know, that highly reflective shine that develops from to much time sitting at the table learning (or listening to chazzunims off key caterwauling). Now you may think this is funny, but all suits eventually wear down. This particular suit has had buttons fall off of the sleeves, and had a number of other minor mishaps. Perhaps what keeps me coming back to it is the fact that after all this time, the suit fits just fine. I also like the black double breasted look, and it's hard to find these days. Or maybe it's the fact that it's about time that Mrs. LFD gives my bottom the stare it deserves, only hold the sunglasses, please!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wii, Myself, and the Microwave

A brief break from the war. For Chanukah, my kids (and Mrs. LFD) really wanted a Wii. Now, I have no problem getting an expensive video game thingy, especially because the Mrs. & I made it clear to the kids, if you want this, your gelt is going towards it. My family then had repeated discussions that annoyed me to no end about how much better our lives would be when we got a Wii. We could exercise together. We could have an indoor family bowling night. We could do so many interactive special things. It reminded me of when my family wanted a microwave. I don't know if your family had these discussions around the table about how this marvelous invention would change your lives, but mine had them till no end. Our mom would no longer be a slave to the kitchen. Leftovers would be magically transformed into delicacies fit for a king. Our parents would have more time to spend with us and each other. On and on the list went. So out went my dad to Sears and got this nifty magical device. One week later life was about the same, except you could make oatmeal w/o boiling water first. And no one in my family likes oatmeal except my dad, who won't touch the darned thing. And FYI, it's one day (minus Shabbos)after this life altering purchase is when I'm putting up this post. And my kids are playing with Lego on the living room floor.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Death To All Arabs! (Just Kidding?)

Hope the headline grabbed you. Look at what's going on in Europe:

European Jews Attacked in Response to Gaza Conflict

Caracas Venezuela ministry expels Israeli Ambassador over Gaza

Brussels - Assailants Try To Set Fire To The Doors of Synagogue

Denmark - School Admin. Ask Jews Not To Enroll In Their Secular Schools Amid Gaza Tension

Belgium - Antwerp Jews Receive Death Threats

These are not attacks on Israelis for Israeli policy, but Jews for being Jews! After each rocket attack, could you imagine if we attacked Arabs/Muslims? Of course not. Where is the world outrage? Oh, I forgot, we're just Jews...
The next time someone tells me to turn the other cheek, I'm going to smack it!

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Hat Tip (Yeah, it's going to have to be my rain hat) to Lion of Zion

Have an easy and meaningful fast.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Meme, Myself & I and What The Heck is That Chumra?

For those of you who feel in necessary to know more about me, it has been suggested that I do a Meme. I do not like to put out too much information, as I enjoy the illusion of privacy my blog gives me. However, I will share a few things.
1. When I saw the term Meme, this is what I thought:

2. I feel compelled to make my chicken soup for Shabbos on Wednesday night so the fat can be skimmed off.
3. I have a fear of spiders. It makes me want to watch every "big scary spider" documentary to battle my phobia. I will not watch Arachnophobia. I will look at a Tarantula. I try not to kill spiders because it's stupid to kill anything that doesn't harm you, and they eat mosquitoes which I'm not afraid of but I hate (one day Jacob Da Jew will write about his mosquito infested yard, and the battle to remain outside).
4. I find it funny when Mrs. LFD reads my posts to make sure there is no Loshon Harah. You should see the stuff she makes me delete. Good for her!
5. I do not wear a Black Hat. I am the only member of my shul that does not.
6. I get irritated when I don't get enough feedback on a post, especailly if there is someone who used to comment, and doesn't anymore.

O.K. A switch in topic. Here is my non chumra. I like my chulent to not dry out, so I put a inverted ceramic cup on the top of my crock pot to keep moisture in. My mother in law stopped by on a Friday afternoon, looked at the cup and asked me "Where did this Chumra come from?" I had to think about what the heck she was talking about, until she noticed the confused look on my face and said "The cup. What have they come up with that a cup needs to be on the crock pot?". I explained my reason, and told her there ws no chumra.We both had a good laugh, but it shows how "Lakewood Falling Down" can get people to think.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kickin' far.

It's nice to see Israel seemingly doing a "no holds barred" attack with it's air strikes. And good for Israel fro taking out some garbage. Here is a quote from Foxnews that I found interesting:

Israel dropped a one-ton bomb on the home of a Hamas strongman Thursday, killing him along with two wives and four children in the first attack on the top leadership of Gaza's rulers. As the aerial bombardment escalated, the army said it was also poised to launch a ground invasion. Israel also appeared to be sounding out a possible diplomatic exit from the 6-day-old military offensive against Hamas by demanding international monitors as a key term of any future truce.

Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that no one would care if an Arab had two wives, but if anyone else did it would be on the front pages of Newsweek as being backward and disgusting... More proof on how no matter what Arab terrorists do, its acceptable. No matter what Jews do its wrong and an overreaction.