Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Artscroll word of the week (OK, last week)

Spurious- Encarta: different from what it is claimed to be, not authentic, or not valid or well-founded

The translators are warning us not to fall into a spurious trap.

Stone Chumash Page 513 note 26

Also, this weeks Gemarah talks about the offspring between a goat and a sheep. R’Scroll uses the term hybrid vs. what I would term a crossbreed.

Hybrid- Encarta: zoology an animal that results from the mating of parents from two distinct species or subspecies.

Crossbreed – Encarta: an animal or plant produced by crossbreeding.

To each their own. Last, an unusual looking animal that can’t be used a Korbon according to R’ Scroll is a Mutant. Wolverine, apparently is unfit for the Mizbayach!

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