Monday, December 28, 2009

My March With the Penguins

This past weekend, I got to go home and spend Shabbos with my parents. It was a bit unusual as experiences go because the Shul my parents daven in has become so old, that it no longer has a Minyan on Friday night or Shabbos afternoons. This was my first shabbos home since the Friday night minyan was declared gone. The only way they get a minyan at all on Shabbos day is by the Yeshiva that is a few blocks away sending some bochurim to make the minyan and lein. It's tough for my father because the walking has become difficult, and the Yeshiva is just to far to go, especially in inclement weather. So I went to daven Friday night at the yeshiva. I've been out of yeshiva for quite some time now, and I forgot about a few things. First, there is a break to learn between Kabbalas Shabbos and Maariv. But the cool "Penguiny" thing I forgot is watching the Rabbeim walk in. I sat in the back right, and the entrance to the Beis Hamedresh is in the front left. Whenever a Rebby would walk in you got a cool "Penguin Wave" of everyone standing up, and then sitting down. It was cool the first time, by by Rabbi #4 I was cracking up. I really like to watch the pipsqueak freshmen who standing up or sitting down has little effect on their height. I personally always stand the entire davening so I didn't pop up and down with the 400+ penguins in the yeshiva. To the yeshiva's credit, each bochur was polite and asked if I needed anything, like a siddur or some seforim during the break. It's nice to see that all penguins aren't so cold.

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