Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union

OK, Blah blah blah Obama. I couldn't listen to the guy without thinking about... Jeff Dunham. I just kept looking at the Vice President on the left side of Obama and thinking this:

They look alike to me!

By the way, If everyone is getting a taxbreak, where the heck is Obama getting the money to pay for everything?


SuperRaizy said...


Anonymous said...

I made my oldest 3 kids get off the computers and come watch. They were only going to watch for a few minutes but didn't get up for the whole 75 minutes.

Lakewood Falling Down said...

It was interesting. Things like, if you guys don't do it, I'll issue executive orders. Like, "with all due respect to separation of powers". Any sentance that starts with "with all do respect" is going to be disrespectful. As far as a high speed train, the Feds dump money into Amtrack,and it's a failure. Americans don't like that kind of thing, there have been studies, Google it. Like we need a billion dollar high speed target. I would only agree to build it of only radical muslims could ride it. Then, at least America wold be wasting money on something we don't need to secure. Obama's is like the one guy who shows up to a party wearing a costume, only to realize it's a black tie affair. Keep going and don't quit, Obama!

orli@israel said...

hahahahahaha!very cool assotiation. i love jeff dunham. he has great sence of humor. obama does not.