Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jews, not Israelis

Where exactly are the Gedolei Torah when the world is turning against us? Where are we and what are we doing to address this crisis?- Oh, we're packing out to the Catskills...
Obama's nasty ban on natural growth is akin to some of what History's worst Rashaim wanted to do. I took this from a Fox news feed: (for the complete article click HERE).

-Obama told NPR that the he still believes the United States has a "special relationship" with Israel, but that the "status quo is unsustainable" and that movement toward a Palestinian state is critical to Israeli security.
"The current trajectory in the region is profoundly negative," Obama said. "Not only for Israeli interests but also U.S. interests."
Some analysts see potential progress in Obama's demands, since it could prompt Arab nations to work more earnestly toward peace with Israel.
Nathan Brown, a political scientist at George Washington University, said Obama's demand that Israel freeze settlements will make Arab leaders pay close attention to his speech this week.
"His predecessor, who did talk two-state solution, was not taken seriously because there was no change on the ground," he said, explaining that Muslims want to see something concrete go along with the platitudes.
Israeli politician Haim Oron told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday that Obama's stance is "correct" and in Israel's best interest. He dismissed the concerns of what he called the "Israeli Right."

Note that MUSLIMS want to see something, not "Arab States"- again Obama is not only pro Muslim, but anti Jew. Am I saying he is an outright anti-Semite? No, he's worse. He tries to hide it in diplomacy.
Obama, stop worrying about the natural growth of Jews, and maybe do something normal. I know if a country illegally started pointing nukes my way(Thanks N Korea!), it may strike me as more urgent as mollifying terrorists who teach hate. Unless you agree with them...

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The Leader, Garnel Ironheart said...

Nice blog.

The problem with Arab-Israeli negotiations is what Netanyahu describes as "give and take: We give and they take".

The Muslim states will recognize progress with each Israeli unilateral surrender of territory. They will, however, feel no obligation to provide something in return. But since there is a limit Israel can do before commiting national suicide, then at some point, Obama will have to make a decision: demand through threat of sanctions or military force that Israel further concede land to the Arabs or sit back like George II and mouth empty platitudes.