Thursday, June 4, 2009

This Land Is My Land

What is going on with Obama? A two state solution? To anyone who reads this, please explain why a Palestinian state is needed.
Israel is a democracy. You can be a Christan, Muslim, a Sikh or whatever in a democracy, as long as:
A: You don't kill anyone.
B: You don't hurt anyone.
So tell me, in what reality would a Palestinian state be a solution to anything? BTW, since this insanity may be pushed through, Obama, could you get some massive cash pledges from some Arab countries to support them? Oh, wait I forgot. The Arab world doesn't like Palestinians. They hate JEWS.


Saul said...

A 2 state solution is nothing new. Every administration since Clinton has endorsed it.

Anonymous said...

an authentically yeshivish blog

not brisker yeshivish