Thursday, November 27, 2008

She made me do it- A guest post by Mrs. LFD

Sorry Guys, This One is For the Ladies.

This is Mrs. LFD. I know that I always say I won’t blog. However, this time I will make an exception. And no LOZ, the Mr. still cannot have his own secret blog! And I am still not interested in my own blog either.

I am not known for making these fantastic shopping finds as I actually hate shopping (the title for best finds and saves goes to Mrs. Gilmore,) but I recently had such a great experience with a web based company no less that I had to share. The company is called They are on the west coast and they feature gowns for flower girls, pageant dresses and tuxedos for boys of all ages (sizes go up to boys 18!) The gowns are beautiful and at the moment they are having a sale and also are featuring x-mas (read Shabbat) dresses. The prices are also amazing.

Let me share my experience with them.

I needed lilac colored preferably matching dresses for my daughter and my niece because they were in a wedding party. The kallah sent us some pictures of dresses to give us an idea of what she liked. These pictures were from another website. That website did not instill confidence and my sister and I found bad ratings so the hunt was on. With about two weeks to the wedding we needed something fast. We came across this website after some time searching and found beautiful dresses. However, they did not have sleeves. My daughter is already of an age that I felt she could not go sleeveless. I called the company and asked if they could send some matching material so that I could make sleeves. Not only did they agree they also sent the material for FREE. When I called to confirm they thought that they had already sent my dresses (I ordered for both me and my sister) and no problem they would send it that day NO COST FOR SHIPPING. It turned out that when the dresses came the material was with the dresses already so I did not have to wait for a separate box. Now, I am not naïve and most good companies will accommodate their customers but it really was exceptional service... keep reading and you’ll see. This was in September.

I had been meaning to e-mail them a thank you with a picture so that they could see how nice it looked with sleeves (they do offer sweaters to go with the dresses but not in matching fabric.) I recently e-mailed them the thank you with a picture. In the e-mail, I also noted and that the pin-on flower belt got ruined (my daughter decided to go skating on her belly) and I asked if I could purchase another one. They e-mailed me back a You’re Welcome and that they would be sending the belt for FREE! But wait, that’s not all, I wrote back to say that I appreciated it and that I would be recommending their website. I got another e-mail from them saying “thank you for recommending us. No wonder we have been getting lots of sales recently. JOHN” How nice was that!!!! They were accommodating, you could get an actual response from a person and they have amazing!


Mikeinmidwood said...

Nice story. You would never get that kind of service in this area.

The Babysitter said...

Sounds great, and you sound so nice to be so appreciative to them, you really deserved all that you got!

Glad you found dresses that you were happy with.

Not sure where you live, but if there's an S&D near you, they usually have cheap gorgeous dresses too.

Mrs. Lakewood Falling Down said...

Mikeinmidwood- This was an exceptional find!

Babysitter-Thanks! In general I try to give Hakaras Hatov. But I was especially appreciative because they really went the extra mile. Happens to be S&D and I are old friends. I get a ton of stuff there. In fact I'm going tomorrow :) In this case I needed a specific color gown.
btw- It's great that you stopped by!

The Babysitter said...

Mrs. Lakewood Falling Down: It is a good feeling when people go the extra mile for you, I know what you mean.

That's really cute! :-) and I thought it was my family's little secret. My mother got my little sister a shabbos coat there, and everyone complimented her on it, and it was much cheaper than the same ones at the Boro Park stores.

Thanx, I was feeling good that I was catching up on my blog reading so I decided to explore some more. And your welcome!

Out-of-towner said...

i'm so glad that things turned out so well! i LOVED the girls' dresses, they were totally perfect!

The Babysitter said...

LakewoodFallingDown: I wonder what you meant by "weird" on my memes post...

Mrs. Lakewood Falling Down: I gave you an award!