Monday, January 19, 2009

Hold The Sunglasses, Please!

Many years ago, Mrs. LFD's brother got married, and I was told I needed a black suit for the wedding. No problem, and to Davenedbydekoisel no comments, please (happy birthday BTW)! Anyway, I was wearing said suit this week, and I was informed by Mrs. LFD that I was suffering from that malady of old age, "Shiny Butt". You know, that highly reflective shine that develops from to much time sitting at the table learning (or listening to chazzunims off key caterwauling). Now you may think this is funny, but all suits eventually wear down. This particular suit has had buttons fall off of the sleeves, and had a number of other minor mishaps. Perhaps what keeps me coming back to it is the fact that after all this time, the suit fits just fine. I also like the black double breasted look, and it's hard to find these days. Or maybe it's the fact that it's about time that Mrs. LFD gives my bottom the stare it deserves, only hold the sunglasses, please!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wii, Myself, and the Microwave

A brief break from the war. For Chanukah, my kids (and Mrs. LFD) really wanted a Wii. Now, I have no problem getting an expensive video game thingy, especially because the Mrs. & I made it clear to the kids, if you want this, your gelt is going towards it. My family then had repeated discussions that annoyed me to no end about how much better our lives would be when we got a Wii. We could exercise together. We could have an indoor family bowling night. We could do so many interactive special things. It reminded me of when my family wanted a microwave. I don't know if your family had these discussions around the table about how this marvelous invention would change your lives, but mine had them till no end. Our mom would no longer be a slave to the kitchen. Leftovers would be magically transformed into delicacies fit for a king. Our parents would have more time to spend with us and each other. On and on the list went. So out went my dad to Sears and got this nifty magical device. One week later life was about the same, except you could make oatmeal w/o boiling water first. And no one in my family likes oatmeal except my dad, who won't touch the darned thing. And FYI, it's one day (minus Shabbos)after this life altering purchase is when I'm putting up this post. And my kids are playing with Lego on the living room floor.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Death To All Arabs! (Just Kidding?)

Hope the headline grabbed you. Look at what's going on in Europe:

European Jews Attacked in Response to Gaza Conflict

Caracas Venezuela ministry expels Israeli Ambassador over Gaza

Brussels - Assailants Try To Set Fire To The Doors of Synagogue

Denmark - School Admin. Ask Jews Not To Enroll In Their Secular Schools Amid Gaza Tension

Belgium - Antwerp Jews Receive Death Threats

These are not attacks on Israelis for Israeli policy, but Jews for being Jews! After each rocket attack, could you imagine if we attacked Arabs/Muslims? Of course not. Where is the world outrage? Oh, I forgot, we're just Jews...
The next time someone tells me to turn the other cheek, I'm going to smack it!

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Hat Tip (Yeah, it's going to have to be my rain hat) to Lion of Zion

Have an easy and meaningful fast.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Meme, Myself & I and What The Heck is That Chumra?

For those of you who feel in necessary to know more about me, it has been suggested that I do a Meme. I do not like to put out too much information, as I enjoy the illusion of privacy my blog gives me. However, I will share a few things.
1. When I saw the term Meme, this is what I thought:

2. I feel compelled to make my chicken soup for Shabbos on Wednesday night so the fat can be skimmed off.
3. I have a fear of spiders. It makes me want to watch every "big scary spider" documentary to battle my phobia. I will not watch Arachnophobia. I will look at a Tarantula. I try not to kill spiders because it's stupid to kill anything that doesn't harm you, and they eat mosquitoes which I'm not afraid of but I hate (one day Jacob Da Jew will write about his mosquito infested yard, and the battle to remain outside).
4. I find it funny when Mrs. LFD reads my posts to make sure there is no Loshon Harah. You should see the stuff she makes me delete. Good for her!
5. I do not wear a Black Hat. I am the only member of my shul that does not.
6. I get irritated when I don't get enough feedback on a post, especailly if there is someone who used to comment, and doesn't anymore.

O.K. A switch in topic. Here is my non chumra. I like my chulent to not dry out, so I put a inverted ceramic cup on the top of my crock pot to keep moisture in. My mother in law stopped by on a Friday afternoon, looked at the cup and asked me "Where did this Chumra come from?" I had to think about what the heck she was talking about, until she noticed the confused look on my face and said "The cup. What have they come up with that a cup needs to be on the crock pot?". I explained my reason, and told her there ws no chumra.We both had a good laugh, but it shows how "Lakewood Falling Down" can get people to think.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kickin' far.

It's nice to see Israel seemingly doing a "no holds barred" attack with it's air strikes. And good for Israel fro taking out some garbage. Here is a quote from Foxnews that I found interesting:

Israel dropped a one-ton bomb on the home of a Hamas strongman Thursday, killing him along with two wives and four children in the first attack on the top leadership of Gaza's rulers. As the aerial bombardment escalated, the army said it was also poised to launch a ground invasion. Israel also appeared to be sounding out a possible diplomatic exit from the 6-day-old military offensive against Hamas by demanding international monitors as a key term of any future truce.

Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that no one would care if an Arab had two wives, but if anyone else did it would be on the front pages of Newsweek as being backward and disgusting... More proof on how no matter what Arab terrorists do, its acceptable. No matter what Jews do its wrong and an overreaction.