Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Artscroll words of the week

Today’s Artsrcoll words are dedicated to one of my favorite super heroes, the Incredible Hulk. The Gemara is talking about things that become Orlah, and do items that change (like being crushed or ground intoother things)become batul. The larger context is also talking about paying back debt with forbidden things (Orlah, Piggul, Maser whatever..)mixed in. Note 4 on page 54b1 “regarding Orlah and expensive nuts, the smasher is held liable even if the nuts are smashed, and they do not become batul” I’m reading this and hearing in my head “Hulk Smash”! Nice to know that even in biblical times, there were those who in order to get out of debt would smash their own and other peoples nuts.

Also, I’m getting sick of the words inasmuch and usufruct. I’m thinking of banning their use in scrabble and boggle.
Usufruct- legal right to use another's property: the legal right to use and enjoy the advantages or profits of another person's property
Early 17th century. Latin usufructus, variant of ususfructus "use (and) enjoyment" usus (see use) + fructus "enjoyment"-Encarta
Smasher-not listed in any source I could find!

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Gilmour said...

Hulk smasher of melons!!!