Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Mrs. Toes The Line (or are we tznius enuogh for you?)

A few weeks ago, a girl who was over at our house remarked to my wife "you're so cool, you wear flip-flops". Mrs. Lakewoodfallingdown took the comment as the compliment it was and life went on as usual. Until... One day this week my 5 year old daughter comes home with a note specifically addressed to the Mrs. Here it is:

I get home from work first. I open the letter and scan it. When the Mrs. Comes home, I ask her if she's been to drop off little-lakewood-falling-down at school while wearing her flip-flops. She doesn't recall one way or the other, so with a grin, I give her the letter. So even with the long sleeves, sheitel and floor sweeper skirts it seems there is a problem. Out of curiosity, I asked my neighbor, Mrs. Gilmour if she got the same letter. If this was a general statement, I'd take it better than a specific letter. Yup. Mrs. Gilmour got one too, and investigated via her friends that also have their daughters in the school. As it turns out, the letter only went to some parents. Like I say, Lakewood is falling down. I will make a point of asking if a woman's ankles are actually considered airvah, and I will follow up with an answer. But it does get better. We went to orientation night and the principal asked the moms not to dress the kids as if they are going to a wedding. School has arts & crafts, she says, so the kids will come home dirty at times (true of any good preschool program). So one mommy (possibly a "Hot Chanie") asks if her daughter can wear a short skirt... I have to give the principal kudos for not rolling her eyes. She gently explained that in school there is davening, parsha, etc.. and that the girls need to learn to dress approriately. I don't know if this mom got a letter home, but hey, she's not as hot as my wife's toes.

BTW- At my son's orientation, the tiny brand spanking new bais yaakov english teacher was saying to all of us parents how derech eretz must come first. I noticed a ripped piece of paper on the seat in front of me (all of us adults were squezed into 4th grade desk-chair combos) numbered 1-100 with one line written over and over - "I will not burp in English class. I will not burp in English class. I will not burp in English class....". I could barely contain my laughter, and of course passed the "note" around. Ah, yeshiva memories, they start so early in life!


aml said...

I hate to say this, and I am not judging you, but I'll pull my daughter out of this school if I were you. Period. Of course I wouldn't have put her there in the first palace... buy yah, this is crazy. PLEASE let us know what that say.

Mrs. Lakewood falling down said...

All the schools are the same. They are all concerned about parent models. I happen to feel this school is close enough to our hashkafa and a phenomenal school as it is to let this pass as something that made us role our eyes and pass on the note. Unfortunately, school seem to forget a little something called parental discretion and it just gives us something to blog about.

Tr8erGirl said...

Yay - so the fun school rules have begun!!

So I guess Sara Imanu and her (presumed) sandals wouldnt be tzinos either, right? (Sorry - I had to!) How about with socks, is that ok? (Hard to walk in, I know)


Lion of Zion said...


"They are all concerned about parent models."

imho, you'll do a fine job as a role model for your kids, although i'm not so sure about Mr. LFD.

but seriously, it is none of the school's business what goes on once the child leaves the school, much less in the house. it boggles my mind to no end how so many flatbushites have just ceded control of their own lives without so much as a peep.

if my son's school ever tells me what to do at home, i will remind them who pays the tuition. they are more than welcome to run my home, but only if they assume the financial obligations.

mother in israel said...

You can laugh about it now. Wait until she is in high school, tells you she won't go to college, and will only date a "learning boy."
The note speaks volumes about the hashkafa that is "so close" to yours.

mother in israel said...

I regret the heavy tone in the previous comment. . . good luck!

Lakewood Falling Down said...

I take everything with a grain of salt, sometimes MSG...
Tuition is the engine that drives chinuch. But really we like the school, everywhere will have it's sillienesses (I have no idea if thats a real word).
I thought Sarah Imanu wore espadrilles...
Mother in Israel-
I have an interesting Shabbos table. She'll form her own ideas and hopefully be an individual..

Jacob Da Jew said...

Yes, and Da Wife want to send da gurlie to that school too....

Now hear: The revolution will come from within!

Flip Flops for all!

Even my dirty size 13 ones since the Lion seems to love them :P

EsPes said...

great blog! :-)

kind of off the topic, but i checked out that "hot chanie" blog... is she for real? i cant imagine that there would really be a person out there blogging abt how hott and rich they are.

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