Monday, September 8, 2008

Virtual Mechilah

So who’s ready to stay up until1:00 AM next Motzei Shabbos for selichos? Not me, but I’ll be there anyway. I understand that it’s better to say selichos early in the morning, and this shows a level of dedication and tesuvah, but I just get tired. I find selichos very difficult because I don’t really know what most of it means (even with the Artscroll)! Do any of you feel that selichos would be better if there were brief classes of comments on it the way my Rov explains select kinnos? Yeah, it would take forever, but would it be better that just blowing through it?
Also, I am granting a virtual mechilah to anyone I offend. If you still don’t like the blog, simply click elsewhere.

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