Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Playing House

So I'm reading this article on YWNews about the high cost of seminary and what Rabbaim can do about the cost and the "situation". Now I must admit, my daughter is only 5 and I only recently have been complaining about tuition-BUT-my mother in law always warned us, if you are old enough to play house, you are old enough to PAY house. Would I make my kids take out student loans to pay for that kind of thing? I think so. Life isn't free. Segway into who is responsible to pay... Guys have the obligation in their Kesuba to support the wife. The kollel wife supporting the husband is a volunteer thing. I think that the proliferation of this lifestyle gives us all a bad impression that there is such a thing as a free ride, until it's your turn to pay.


Tr8erGirl said...

I totally agree with you! Contrary to popular opinion, I think seminary (and college in most cases) is OPTIONAL (yes - i went to college), and no parent should have to pay an ADULT child's way, if they make an ADULT decision to attend. That IS what student loans are for! The lesson that nothing comes for free is a great one, and best learnt as early as possible!

Lion of Zion said...

post-HS seminary/yeshivah is a scam, or rather it shows what a scam jewish education in general is. after 12+ years of jewish schooling your child still needs another (very expensive) year to frum out and/or learn how to learn?

Eliezer said...

I agree with LOZ, however, given the state of the educational system, if that is what you want for your children, that it in a way becomes a necesity.

That being said, my parents contributed what they could to my "year in Israel", and I took out student loans and got scholarships for the rest (that G-d for Tapp & Pell).

College was even worse, my parents pretty much threw me to the wolves, I had to go, but they didn't contribute (unless you want to count in room and board)