Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anonymity For Everyone

This post is a response to the jblog stuff that’s being espoused by experts (here and here for example). My feeling is that blogging is a way at this point to:

  1. Rant.
  2. Be anonymous. Lion of Zion even asks in his comments “Please make up a name instead of signing "anon."
  3. Ask questions you’d be a little hesitant to ask. Jacob Da Jew
  4. Read a D’var Torah you’d be interested in, and ask those questions that your high school rebbe would sigh about.
  5. Rant.
  6. Make a point without fancy English. (When I find a good Artscroll word of the day, I post it)!
  7. Find a niche
  8. Did I say rant?
  9. Praktise speling skls.
  10. Learn how to think. Let’s face it, the more you write, and re-read your own work, the smarter you’ll be. Writing really helps you organize your thoughts. I think that’s why I like the children’s book “Dear Mr. Henshaw” .


Jacob Da Jew said...

Good post, however, a few points:

You mention being Anon and then cite LOZ for requesting that people assign a handle when they comment?

Not connected.

Also, that post that you linked to from Hirhurim is really not an espousement (is this a word?)of any sort. He is just saying that we are not a community.

Thanks for the links.

EndOfWorld said...

Oh, and you forgot the part about how blogging shatters your self concept and turns you into an insecure person who rereads their posts 100 times to make sure that no one finds any gaping holes.