Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vacation, Lakewood, Carlbach

So we went to my parents for vacation...
Now I have to admit, going home is always a trip. One of the things that I really like (aside from the familiar and mostly comical fights) is the sheer amount of food my mom makes for us. This is really touching considering how picky my kids are. She really tries, and I get to be the beneficiary of many delicious foods, and leftovers ( I like leftovers until Tuesday). On another topic, my shul is one in a older section of town. I was asked, as were a few others to make this weekend work to be here because of the lack of people for a minyan. This led to a weird but enjoyable Friday night. Someone who knew of the shuls minyan woes invited his brother in law, who asked to please daven Kabalas Shobbos. He also is a "Carlbacher". He told us straight out that he would only sing Carlbach, and start with Ydid Nefesh, which my shul never sings. He had a very pleasant voice, and I enjoyed him. The person next to me who was visiting from Lakewood did not seem to enjoy this kind of davening. He kept on asking me when we should start dancing around the bima. I pointed out to this guy (whom I know from when he was born BTW) that he is a Levi. I reminded him that when the Third Bayis comes, it will be his job to sing and dance. He did not seem to appreciate me pointing this out. I also have to point out Mr. Lakewoods little boy. This boy is one of a set of triplets, and was very cute. He asked me where my beard was. I feigned shock, and started looking around for it. I asked him if it was under the bench, maybe someone cut it off while I wasn't looking and hid it under one of the benches. He then told me that shuls don't have benches. I assured him that he was correct and that he and his father were sitting in a pew. This was enough to send him running out of the shul to play with his brothers outside. Last, today we went to visit the Philadelphia Zoo. I really liked the variety of animals, and it was a good size. I really liked the hippos!


Lion of Zion said...

"I like leftovers until Tuesday"

on from now on, you can bring me your wife's leftovers wednesday morning. i'll be waiting downstairs for you.

"I reminded him that when the Third Bayis comes, it will be his job to sing and dance."

nice reply

"He asked me where my beard was."

never been to lakewood, but i thought it's basically a misnagdish town. why should a cleanshaven face be out of the ordinary to him?

Lady-Light said...

"PEW," the kid must have thought you were nuts-LOL!