Saturday, August 30, 2008

Artscroll words of the week

Sorry for the tardiness, but the Artscroll words of the week are from last week’s parsha (Re’eh) from the Stone Chumash on page 1000.
1. Homiletically- A: relating to, or in the style of, a sermon or homily. (Encarta)
B: relating to the art of writing and preaching sermons. (Encarta)
2. Verdant- green with vegetation or foliage (Encarta)

Have Thesaurus will travel!

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frumpunk said...

Ha, Artscroll words were always the source of amusment. And you thought the aramaic was hard... whats the point of an English translation if you dont understand the English?
When we had to make a bekious laining, we would cheat using the Artscroll and make sure to dumb down the words so the rebbe couldnt tell.