Friday, August 15, 2008

Today’s Artscroll phrase of the day comes from Page 35 A2, Note 10 in the brackets. The gemarah is talking about women swearing that she did not yet collect or receive her Kesubah. The woman in question swears using a weird phrasing, even after Rav assured the practice of swearing in this circumstance. Ok, enough. Here it is:
[As found often in the bible, an oath can take the form of an elliptical statement witch omits specific mention of an implied curse].
Encarta: elliptical
1 - mathematics in the shape or pattern of a geometric ellipse
2 - grammar relating to ellipsis or containing an example of ellipsis
3 - extremely concise in speech or writing, sometimes so concise as to be difficult or impossible to understand
Have thesaurus will travel!

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