Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Feeling Chicken

Is it just me, or is everybody else just as squeamish when it comes to Kaporos? I was reading an article about PETA starting it’s “war” on Kaporos and it got me thinking. In this great age of technology, why not have “Virtual Kaporos”? A simple flash program could be made to have chickens flying in circles. You could in theory choose and customize your chicken, and have a list of tzedakas where the value of the chicken you create is automatically sent to. The program could even help you with the brachos, yehi ratzons etc… For more chicken fun click here here and here.


Lady-Light said...

Hahaha - very funny post-actually, technologically interesting idea!

I know that in the 'old days' kapparot on chickens/roosters served to give a meal to the poor people in the kehilah, so that is a good purpose.
Other than that, for once PETA might actually have a POINT (-and not only on the tops of their heads!)
(btw, where are all the comments? You should have lots of comments!)

Lakewood Falling Down said...

Lady Light-
Thanks for the feedback! I'm a little new to blogging, but my friends lion of zion & jacob da jew encouraged me to start up. I like being able to write as I see fit, and my wife makes sure I'm more or less free from lashon hara. I guess as I comment more on other peoples blogs, I'll get more comments.:)

Lion of Zion said...

i don't think i've ever done כפרות with chickens

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Anonymous said...

i am so tired and reading your post my eyes got mixed up and i read " a simple flash program could be made to have CHILDREN flying in circles" - oy vey, what is this world coming to??!!
i like your blog, i shall visit more often.

shabbat shalom