Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bitten Again

While dropping off some lasagna at Jacob Da Jew’s home, I had to take the time to just chill in the really nice yard he has. I was also privileged to meet frumpunk. Da Jew’s got a nice setup, and the baby is really cute! The only drawback was getting nine new mosquito bites inside of 15 minutes. While schmoozing, we had sent our kids in to hang with Jacobs kids, and some of my neighbors kids who we took with us to visit the baby & “Mrs. Jacob Da Jew” because sometimes adults want to have adult conversations. (We being my other neighbor “Gillmore” who was thoughtful enough to get some beer to go with the lasagna). My son who is 9 going on 20 informed Jacob’s Mrs. that “We were sent inside so my dad and his friends can talk about inappropriate things and use inappropriate words”. The words, as those of you who know me are not inappropriate. I almost never use objectionable words because I don’t like them. I guess I have to work on his Lashon Harah a bit. What do you do when the kids don’t want to hang out with the kids anymore? And more importantly, how was the lasagna?


Jacob Da Jew said...

Yeah, FP got murdered by the bugs. He just ain't used to NY monsters.

Sorry about that slip of the mouth.

"What do you do when the kids don’t want to hang out with the kids anymore?"

You gotta rephrase that a bit.

The lasagna was da bomb! THE WHOLE THING!

I'll call da misses later to thank her.

And I think that it was just your son's way of striking back for ejecting him from the room.

And it was right to have him leave, we adults have the right to our own lives.

EndOfWorld said...

Nice site. Expect to be inundated with hits, cause FrumPunk linked you. Gonna go browse around your stuff now. Toodleleoo

Tr8erGirl said...

Great blog!

frumpunk said...

Should have posted earlier, it was really nice meeting you as well, though EndOfWorld is maybe overestimating my blogroll reach.

Lakewood Falling Down said...

I grew up in Overbrook. Can anyone really make $ in Philadelphia? Personally, I have no problem with Phila, but one of my coworkers who grew up in jersey swears that the PSFS sign you see when you come over the Ben Franklin bridge stands for Philadelphia Stinks For Sure!

Tr8erGirl said...

LFD - You friend is probably correct......."Stinkadelphia"!