Monday, August 11, 2008

Post Tisha B'Av

What did you break your fast on?
So it’s all over. The 3 weeks, the 9 days, and Tisha B’Av. What have I learned? First, that I’d rather break my fast on a bowl of chicken soup than a tuna patty. Also, it’s difficult prepare food on the fast for after, but I’m thinking that it makes it harder, and so I realize that maybe I’m getting more “points”, after all, Tisha B’Av is not supposed to be an easy or happy day.
Bar Kamtzah
On that note, someone pointed out to me something I was thinking about. The story is presented to us to point out that it was the lack of concern for others feelings that put us into galus. It was pointed out that the worst part was that the Gedolim of that generation, due to Kamtzah’s wealth, ignored the problem and didn’t protest. My question is, without naming people myself, have the attitudes of our Gedolim changed? I can think of a number of people who “get away” with various things in our community due to their financial position. Giving tzedakah is great. If they didn’t to it, who would, but does that excuse bad behavior? More so, does that excuse our Gedolim for not saying anything? I know, you’re thinking “maybe they get talked to in private”. It’s possible. I myself have been at schmoozim that it’s obvious who the schmooze aimed at. I just get the personal feeling that it’s not enough. A non chasiddish friend of mine was talking about a Bobov wedding he was recently at. When a certain part of the now broken dynasty walked in, a number of guests, in unison, got up and walked out. Is this the way we are mesamayach a Chosson and Kalah? And if the respective Gedolim are acting like children, who should say something? I for one don’t want to see us get another divine lesson. The ones we are currently suffering are hard enough for me.

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