Friday, August 8, 2008

The way I sees it!

Welcome to my little blog. This blog will be snippets of my life, as seen through my eyes. I chose the name because my mother in law tells me I’m “frummer” than I was when I got married. I don’t think so, but my views have certainly matured. The Falling Down part is because I see frum Judaism becoming so lost in the details (case in point a hechsher on raw fruit as pointed out by FrumSatire). Does this mean I hate the frum community? No. I just think that by towing the line, the Yeshiva world is doing itself more harm than good. Keep your eyes open for my favorite summer hypocrisy-doing teshuvah by keeping your distance with anything to do with loving Israel.

The way I sees it

So I made a blog. Hurray for me. Here are my thoughts of the day. As each person decides to write a blog, and more and more people express positive and negative points of Judaism, especially without the fear of being ostracized. More and more people are exposed to a greater and more free feeling of what “frum” should really mean. This can have two effects. It can cause people to get upset, and write nasty responses and comments furthering sinas chinam (oh, the evils of the internet)! The second effect is creating honest dialogue and thoughtful interaction, spurring achdus. I believe that the Yeshiva world is monitoring what the jblogisphere is doing, and is nervous. Not because they are power hungry, but because they don’t like “non experts” putting out their views, and in some case their opinions. Halacha is often open to interpretation, hence Bais Shammai & Bais Hillel. True, we pasken like Hillel, but Shammai’s reasons should be examined, don’t you think? BTW, watch for future posts on Artscrolls word of the day. The authors, who do a really good and difficult job with translation become fun in the commentary. Have thesaurus, will travel!

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Lady-Light said...

Baruch Haba!
Found you on Lion of Zion. Very interesting. It's amazing how many really good Jewish blogs there are out there...
I mamash do not have time to sit here for eight hours a day (which is practically what I've been doing) and read every one of them. But I'm glad I found yours; maybe add to blogroll...